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A house of worship is so much more than a building: It is a community bustling with ministry, youth activities, social clubs and so much more. Weekend services, no doubt, draw the largest congregation, but most campuses play host to activities and events throughout the week.

When you account for classroom study, prayer groups, music programs, intermural sports, senior clubs, just to name a few, many houses of worship are home to thousands of events each year.  But with so many opportunities, it is almost impossible, even for frequent visitors, to comprehend the beehive of activity.

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The holiday season is upon us once again. Time to get those last-minute gifts. Yes, it can be a lot of work and don’t you wish you had a little helper?

Luckily, assistance comes in many forms – even from that Toshiba multi-function product down the hall. Time to let your creative juices flow. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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Last Monday when many people went back to work after the long holiday weekend, they sat at their desks, logged into their computers, and promptly went shopping, trying to quickly cash in on amazing deals by online retailers.

Holiday purchasing represents 20% of annual retail sales: Cyber Monday, which now seems to have been extended to Cyber Week, accounts for 20% of those holiday sales. And with current demands on retailers (created by the “Amazon effect”*) to offer a quick turnaround and free shipping, it’s important that logistics run efficiently, and all systems are working perfectly.

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In 2008, nearly half of all Americans attended weekly religious services, according to a recent Gallup survey. Yet today, that number is only 38% and continuing to drop. However, another 37% say they practice faith in other ways, which means there may be opportunities to re-engage that additional percentage and increase attendance once more.

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Fostering stakeholder engagement with one’s community is a vital objective no matter the organization. This is particularly true within faith-based communities.

How can technology play a significant role in informing, educating and yes, even inspiring faith communities? One church in Naples, Fla. is checking all these boxes with interactive communication; Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church is partnering with Toshiba to deploy dynamic digital signage to nurture such engagement with its more than 10,000-members.

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