An Encompass Analysis uncovered hidden costs savings when they replaced the old and outdated equipment with new e-STUDIO MFPs.

4 service contracts were optimized into 1

Toshiba's Encompass Fleet Management Tool streamlines processes by managing all printers, copiers, service, parts and toner under one contract, even if the devices are not ours, saving time and service calls.

An Encompass Security Assessment will take inventory of all document management systems and assess the security of devices, documents and points of access, ensuring your private information remains private.

An Encompass Green Report allows our MDS experts to show you how to reduce paper use, solid waste, emissions and electricity to help you save money and precious resources.


The average office is overloaded with
outdated, money draining devices that not only
increase monthly costs, but also your company's carbon
footprint. Watch and learn how Toshiba's MDS experts were able
to streamline and optimize this office's document management systems.

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Get Up to $1,500 Cash Back on Toshiba Copiers

Simply lease an eligible e-STUDIO MFP through Toshiba Financial Services and you'll get up to $1,500 cash back.

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Print Smarter with Toshiba Color and Black & White Copiers

Whatever your need, whatever the size of your company, Toshiba is here to help you work more efficiently and securely. We offer a wide range of products, from high-speed color Multifunction Printers (MFP) to super-efficient black & white printers to scanners and fax machines.

Toshiba MFPs feature:

  • Color printing speeds up to 65 PPM
  • B&W printing speeds up to 75 PPM
  • High print resolution
  • Full copy, print, scan and fax features built in
  • Network printing and scanning
  • Net ready 3rd generation e-Bridge Architecture
  • Heavy-duty, high security features
  • Remote management
  • Eco friendly

Save Up to $1,500

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Reduce Output Costs with Toshiba's Managed Print Experts

As experts in document management, we'll show you how to cut your printing expenses by up to 40% virtually overnight. Watch the video to the right to see how Hendrick Motorsports director of I.T., Chris Newsome, increased his company's productivity and saved over $120,000 in hardware costs per year.

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