Toshiba is recognized as an environmental leader for initiatives that include everything from helping you turn your used toner cartridges into useful items, like park benches, to greener manufacturing. While everyone is talking green, at Toshiba we’re putting our money where our mouth is, investing in programs that help both our business and yours to better reduce, reuse and recycle.

Toner Recycling

We want to make recycling easy for you. That’s why we offer a free, easy-to-use recycling program for our customers. Simply drop your waste consumables, like cartridges and toner bottles, into the receptacle we provide and we will take care of the rest. Our partnership with Close the Loop, a zero-waste-to-landfill recycling program that manufactures eLumber™, allows waste used to build useful products like park benches. We can reduce the negative impact on our environment together by limiting the waste sent to landfills.


Eco Product Design

At the heart of every technological advance we make is the creation of environmentally responsible products. While building award-winning products, we’ve also built a reputation as a leader in creating products that minimize waste.

We are RoHS compliant because of our minimal use of hazardous substances, and WEEE compliant through the responsible collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of the products we build. About half of all our recycled plastic parts are halogen-free, and every printed circuit board is 100% lead-free and halogen-free. We offer rebuildable service modules and

self-refreshing developer units. We use state-of-the-art processing to separate materials, and recycle cartridges with zero-waste-to-landfill.

A number of our product features are designed to minimize the environmental footprint by reducing paper waste. For example, we’ve implemented duplex-by-default printing, an omit-blank-page function, as well as electronic product manuals in place of paper manuals. While most sleep modes use five watts of power or more, we now have a Super-Sleep Mode that uses only one watt of power.

Greener Manufacturing

We bring our philosophy of monozukuri, which means to make or create things in the spirit of excellence, to life by reducing our environmental footprint. We do this by using recycled plastics, reducing packaging, and eliminating the use of harmful substances. In addition, we’ve reduced or eliminated the use of restricted substances and minimized natural resources used for product manufacturing and packaging. We’ve increased our use of recycled plastics, eliminated the use of styrene altogether, and use shipping crates and pallets that are made with 100% recycled cardboard. Our dedicated efforts to improve the environment have been recognized, with four of our manufacturing facilities earning ISO 14001 certification.

PrintReleaf Exchange

Since about 8,000 pages making up the average tree, we want to help you keep your business running smoothly while also having zero effect on the environment. That’s why we’re introducing PrintReleaf Exchange. Every time your printer prints 8,333 pages, we automatically plant a replacement tree in your honor through a network of reforestation projects around the globe. Once your trees are planted, PrintReleaf even administers an eight-year audit process, so you can seamlessly track the progress. PrintReleaf is a simple way to proudly go paper-neutral.


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Carolina Panthers

Toshiba is Proud to be the Official Office Equipment Provider of The Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers

Toshiba is Proud to be the Official Office Equipment Provider of The Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers

Toshiba is Proud to be the Official Office Equipment Provider of The Carolina Panthers

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