This function staples each set of sorted copies, and outputs it to the tray (staple sort function).
1 staple in back 1 staple in front 2 Staples
  • You can view staple positions in "DISPLAYING THE COPY PREVIEW".
  • A finisher or saddle finisher is required to use the staple sort function.


  1. 2

    Tap the [Output] key

  2. 2

    Tap the [Staple] tab, and tap the staple position key

    After the settings are completed, tap icon.

    • To use 1 staple in back, set the [Slant Staple] checkbox to icon. A staple is inserted at a slanted orientation.
    • When you set the Offset checkbox to icon, you can output the sorted paper sheets while shifting them set by set. You can easily remove each set from the output tray.
    • If the number of scanned originals exceeds the staple sheet limit, a message is displayed. Tap the [Continue] or [Cancel] key.
      [Continue]: Continues sorting without stapling.
      [Cancel]: Cancels the staple sort setting.
    To cancel the staple function:
    Tap the selected staple key again.
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