October, 2012

A lot of the information that companies create to submit a drug for FDA approval is in word processing documents and spreadsheets. Scientists and medical personnel develop information on proposed drugs and their uses. They develop and document processes and formulas. They conduct and document experiments and clinical trials to verify the drugs’ efficacy and potential side effects. Protecting that intellectual property (IP) from unauthorized access is something that keeps pharmaceutical company CIOs up at night.

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What would happen if a confidential document got into the wrong hands? It might cost billions of dollars. On October 18, 2012, R.R. Donnelley accidentally disclosed Google’s quarterly financial statements earlier than intended. It caused Google’s stock price to drop 10% cutting $26 billion from its market capitalization.

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How To Print From Your Phone

By Joe Contreras

Currently there are about 1 billion mobile workers worldwide and nearly 85% of them want to print without relying on their PCs. Mobile devices are going to drive 26 billion incremental pages by 2013 according to HP. By 2020, nearly 33% of all digital information will live in or pass through the cloud.
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Compliance is one of the most important considerations of any business process. The consequences of being out of compliance can cost you millions of dollars and expose a business to legal action.

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The Cost of Documents

By Bill Melo

Have you ever thought about the cost of your documents? Many of us only think about the cost of printing. Putting ink or toner on a page could cost you a few pennies or $.50 depending on what you print, whether you use black and white or color and what type of paper you use.

But that’s just the start of it. Documents drive businesses and moving that paper around is where the real cost lies.

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