July, 2012

Most businesses think that it’s too expensive or difficult to protect their data from a security breach. I’m sure that many years ago people also thought it was too expensive to put locks on their doors, but now we all have them. Read More

Most of us understand that a bad business process causes problems. If I place an order with a company and its processes are so slow that it takes weeks to process the order, odds are I’ll go someplace else the next time.

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Who doesn’t want to save money and the environment? Many organizations are looking at more sustainable ways of doing business and thinking about printing is a sure fire bet. Going green is a corporate goal for many organizations and is not only good for the planet, but good for the bottom line. But you can take it too far with potentially dangerous consequences.

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Most organizations worry about hackers and criminals penetrating their perimeter defenses and stealing confidential information. With all the headlines of companies like LinkedIn, and eHarmony getting hacked and having passwords and other supposedly secure information stolen, it lends credence to this approach.

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