November, 2011

One of the biggest challenges of using mobile devices for business is when you need to print a document. How many times have you wanted to print a boarding pass or needed to print some hand-outs for a presentation when you are on the road?

Trying to do this from your smart phone or tablet is hard, because these devices don’t have native print drivers. Even doing it from your laptop is tough. If you are at a hotel and want to print at their business center, you need to figure out the printer model and install a driver. Even if you find the right driver, you may not configure it properly and you still can’t print. You have the same problem if you are at a remote location inside your company.
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Everyone talks about encryption, but do you really understand what it is? What it does? How to do it? Encryption is a way to transform something so that an unintended recipient can’t understand it. The concept isn’t new. People encrypted messages thousands of years ago. It was used mainly for generals to send messages to armies in the field. The sender would encode a message with a special key and then pass the encrypted message to the intended recipient. If the recipient didn’t have the key, the message was gibberish. The first keys were letter substitutions. Someone would replace an “A” with an “F”, for example. As time progressed, the keys got more complex.
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