August, 2011

As August winds its way toward September, a lot of us are thinking about enjoying a few backyard barbecues and those last weekends at the beach. No matter where we go today, everyone has smart phones and tablets – even at the beach. I love the idea that I can sit in a beach chair, catch some rays and access any information I need. Whether it’s checking on a flight reservation or purchasing a book, I can do it all from my mobile device.

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How would your office stand up to an in-depth analysis of your document management? The average office is overloaded with redundant, underutilized, and outdated devices. This equipment not only increases monthly costs, but also a company’s carbon footprint. Managed Print Services experts are able to help companies streamline and optimize their fleet of copiers, printers, scanners, and services. 

These experts perform an onsite walk-through of a company’s offices, providing detailed fleet analyses to pinpoint the inefficiencies found in office printing environments. By consolidating and replacing equipment and services, well-managed offices can save time, money, and precious resources.

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