June, 2011

Yesterday I was sitting in an airport waiting for a flight. As the airport announcements were blaring over the speaker systems I looked around me and saw that almost everyone had their faces buried in a device. A woman was next to me on her iPhone doing email. Two gentlemen were across the aisle frantically typing on Android phones and a few kids were playing on an iPad. Since the flight was delayed (what a surprise!), I heard a woman on her phone talking about rebooking her connector and then looking up some hotel options if she couldn’t get out.

From my review of everyone around me, it was pretty clear that mobile computing has changed the way we consume, share and use information. If I can’t access information on a smart phone or other mobile device, doing business becomes difficult. I then started thinking about printing from my mobile device. It’s true that I can do a lot on my phone, but sometimes I need to print a document.

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The Attack of the Macs

By Peter Davey

Conventional wisdom (whatever that is) says that the Mac is a secure platform that never gets viruses.  It’s based on UNIX which is a better operating system than Windows (there’s that conventional wisdom again).  The truth is that all computer operating systems are good and they all have flaws.

While many people get into raging arguments about how Windows is better, or the Mac OSX is far superior, or that Linux is the best thing on earth, the reality is that they all do the same thing.  They let us access information, play games, manage our money and be productive.  These arguments remind me of an old boss of mine as we were discussing NetWare vs. Windows NT.  Both of them can do essentially the same thing, they just do it differently. Read More