April, 2011

More businesses are realizing that printers and digital copiers (or MFPs) are not just dumb devices that sit on the network. They are computers that happen to allow you to copy, print, scan and fax. With that, comes all the vulnerabilities of a computer such as susceptibility to hackers and infection from malware and viruses. Read More

Would you run your finances with a dartboard or by flipping a coin? Of course not because there’s no control. But you can control your financial environment through fiscal policy. So why not do the same with your printing environment?

Business runs on paper and as most organizations grow, they print and copy more. More people means more output. And when people need to print more, they typically buy more printers. But if you are running down to the local office supply store to buy whatever’s on sale, eventually you’ll wind up with an uncontrolled environment. Read More

The Most Dangerous Drug

By Peter Davey

Each year, U.S. companies lose more than $900 billion to fraud with counterfeiting and document fraud making up more than two-thirds of that, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Fraud continues to grow as advancements in technology make it easier to commit. Commercial checks, birth certificates, identification cards, licenses, motor vehicle titles, prescriptions and college transcripts are routinely imitated. Any document of value is at risk.

One of the largest of these is prescription fraud. It’s the most dominant kind of health care fraud and can be attributed to rises in medication cost and abuse of prescription drugs. Read More