November, 2010

I recently heard an interview with the CEO of a national payroll company talking about what contributed to the growth of his business. In the 1960s and 1970s payroll requirements became more complex. Both large and small companies had to deal with higher costs and regulatory compliance. They found it more efficient to manage payroll through a contracted service. Today, organizations have similar challenges with printing.

Unmanaged output can place a heavy cost burden on companies in today’s challenging business environment. Many organizations are taking advantage of Managed Print Services (MPS) as a cost effective alternative. Between the complexities of managing multiple manufacturers’ equipment and an overburdened IT staff dealing with end users, it’s more efficient to have someone else manage it all. Read More

I’m sure by now you’ve seen all the headlines about finding sensitive documents on some used copiers this spring. Unfortunately no one erased the hard drives in their machines before they got rid of them. Using a forensic software program available for free on the Internet, CBS News scanned one and downloaded thousands of documents that were sitting on the hard drive.

This highlighted an issue that many businesses and consumers were not aware of. Digital copiers or MFPs contain a hard drive that stores images of documents after each copy, print or scan. Fortunately Toshiba and other manufacturers have security measures built into these devices to clean the hard drive after each operation or when the customer requests it.

So now we are safe? Right? Not so fast. Read More