Gartner predicts cloud computing is one of the top technology trends in 2015. In reality though, cloud computing has been a staple of business for at least four years or so as companies like DropBox are streamlining our work by allowing us to send and receive data-intensive files that heretofore would have been challenging, if not been impossible. Though DropBox comes to immediate mind as a must-have app (how else could I share my graphics-rich presentations with colleagues, vendors and potential customers?), there are a plethora of other amazing cloud-based apps to help your business operate more smoothly. Read More


Considering our still tepid economy, financial officers continue to scrutinize organization-wide budgets, with particular interest in shaving IT expenditures. While some companies have been able to operate at or near optimum levels under these circumstances, others are struggling to operate as efficiently as before.

Fortunately for all involved, companies may reduce print costs by up to 30 percent – according to market research firm, Gartner – by adopting a managed print services (MPS) program. To implement an effective and comprehensive MPS initiative, it is important to create a program covering all aspects of document management.

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With market research company IHS predicting digital signage – or DS – revenues exceeding $15 billion by the end of next year, video display vendors are now fast and furiously unveiling ultra-high definition LED displays to keep up with demand.

While it’s certainly a necessity to have state-of-the-art display technology in any DS implementation, it doesn’t stop there. Perhaps the most important aspect of any DS implementation is developing and managing what appears on the displays. Creating such content inevitably includes an organization’s marketing team and as you can imagine they are already routinely faced with a myriad of projects, leaving them little to no time to take on another task.

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As somewhat of a sequel – to my earlier blog on preparing a social media policy, the importance of managing and protecting an organization’s social media platforms cannot be overstated.

In my November 2013 blog, I touched upon how an organization’s marketing staff is more likely to access social media than those in operations, for instance. As is often the case, marketing departments are going to create the vast majority of any company’s day-to-day content from tweets and posts on Facebook and Google+ to news releases and website content.

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As the term “Moneyball” has entered today’s lexicon, definable metrics are more and more expected within businesses other than Major League Baseball.  Thanks to Michael Lewis’s book chronicling Oakland Athletics General Manager, Billy Beane, the baseball executive’s innovative approach to measuring player value is becoming much-imitated across the business spectrum.

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